Subproject 1: Datacenter's interaction with the national energy system

Subproject 2: Multifunctional data centers

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Subproject 3: Quality and credibility when simulating cooling in data centers

Subproject 4: Transient simulations of data center dynamic thermal management arrangements

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Subproject 5: Evaluation of energy recovery solutions for data centers

Subproject 6: Design of distribution networks for energy efficient data center operations

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Subproject 7: Data centers impact on the electricity market when the amount of renewable
electricity augment

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Subproject 8: SimBerry - Flexible and large-scale simulation of interaction between district heating
and remote cooling networks and data centers

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Subproject 9: Proximity liquid cooling inside data centers for direct heat recovery

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Subproject 10: Automated maintenance of energy-efficient data centers

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Subproject 11: Resource efficiency in software processes and communication in data clouds
and data centers

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Subproject 12: Resource efficiency in distributed ledgers and smart contracts

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